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First Steps Cover by JovianJ

Finally! The book is available on's kindle now:

I can only hope it does well. A lot of what I have wanted to see in sci-fi went into it. This includes having women of color as the main protagonist. Not just one placed into a story, like Uhura of Star Trek, Elizabeth of the Tomorrow People, Zoe of Firefly or Martha of Dr Who, but populating the main cast.

This is a cast of characters of ethnic diversity to promote the dream that, for those who wish to, any or all, could go to the stars and beyond.

While our main cast numbers what one might expect for the reader to follow, the extended cast is numerous. Some have a line or two, others merely a name dropped, but all are there to show that diversity.

To show that diversity I have include, Native American and First Nation women as well as women of the Middle East, Latina characters (from Brazil, Catalan, Cuba, Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Spain) and women of Asia (Chinese, Indian, Indonesia, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese).

Naturally as the first in space, there are a few Russian characters too, and I love the language.

Also mentioned are a few genetically engineered races that fall under the GTS (well mini-gts) and SW genres with women that range eight feet tall to those who are ten inches tall (and one race 'in between' at two to three feet tall). There are also gynoids in a variety of forms mentioned.

Elements of steampunk are included, but are not a central theme. It is a subculture, style of dress and occupation of some characters. 

They and their AI go off into the multiverse to have their adventures.

I hope this will interest some and the sample/preview on Amazon offers the first 7 chapters free.

If you don't have a Kindle, you can download a free app from Amazon to read such ebooks on your PC;…

DJ, if you're reading this, I list you in the dedication. Reading your journal helped me to stick with my vision instead of what everyone else was doing. Thank you!

Book Summary

In an alternate timeline, where the Apollo program didn't stop at 17, but 23. In the following decades and centuries, Humanity expands out into their solar system.

One expedition sent in the 2030s was to Jupiter. Launched in a mobile Bernal Sphere with 150,000 artist, scientist and engineers, they will form the Jovian Concordant of Worlds.

A Constitutional Democratic Republic living in O’Neill and McKendree cylinders and Clovis clusters. They are a nation with an African-American majority yet has a multicultural society.

A society where everyone looks out for each other as equals.

A Faster-than-Light method of travel was discovered that also lead to travel to other universes, parallel universes, including those where the supernatural and magic are the rule.

Now in the year 2220 an ambitious civilian expedition is about to launch, their goal the very edge of the observable universe.

Professor of Astronomy Rayna Delesha Lashley was known for her guest spots on a children show about the stars. Everyone across know space for generations grew up watching her.

When she came to the launching of this expedition she found herself drafted to head up that very mission.  A mission equipped for more than exploration and discovery. A mission created in response to a solution to Fermi's Paradox, a mission to save all of humanity or restart it.

Mansa is the AI of the craft that is to ferry this expedition of forty thousand. A superintelligence, that has made possible advance technologies that are miraculous and frightening to humanity.

Technologies to shatter planets, snuff out stars, destroy galaxies, fight fleets in space or armies on the ground. A sentient doomsday machine with an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, yet also a miracle machine that can extend life, raise the dead and create life from lifelessness.

A machine that is a creator and destroyer of worlds, a genocide and genesis machine.

It arranged the unofficial governorate it will carry with it to be history's first matriarchy. They and Rayna will find that they have more power than anyone in history could have imagined.

A power that for inexplicable reasons vows to serve and protect these women, their families and obey any command Rayna gives it.

Together they encounter aliens, alternate histories and adversaries in many parallel universes, where they will find they have become a rallying point for a conflict across the dimensions.

They will become the hope for the destiny of the multiverse.


Jeffery Watkins
United States


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