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OEOA cover by JovianJ

Due to failing health, I've been absent from DA for a while. I've missed seeing so many good artist,  writers, poets and photographers. My time at the keyboard has been limited, and it went mostly to getting the second book out. Its now available at amazon here;

It looks like the preview list the first 9 chapters available to try. I hope others will enjoy it, I know a lot of my heart went into writing it, inspired by many of the people here at DA.

The book summary is far shorter than book one even though book two ended up far longer.


They have a common foe. A foe who could draw upon resources that outmatched all of them combined. It was a foe they could not negotiate with, could not appease, and wanted all of their galaxies.

It was a time for diplomacy, a time to put aside differences to build a common front against a shared foe.

And yet there were only so many things Professor Rayna Lashley was going to compromise on.

"Yes, yes dear, let's place our cards on the table, shall we? At the end you will try to backstab us and we will free the people you've enslaved and used as food sources for thousands of years."

"Don't you mean attempt to free Professor?"

"If you think we make attempts, Lord Sangrey, then you really don't realize what you're dealing with."

"When it comes to us, good does have the bigger stick than evil."

Served by an AI of immense power, the Mandinka expedition continues its involvement into the affairs of the multiverse. Mansa is an AI with the technology to both create and destroy worlds, and yet he has a simple agenda.

"In Japanese, "Ai" is the word for love. All the technology, all of the over engineering, all of the many things I have come up with is not to be a Juggernaut, an engine of wonders to awe and impress, but it is to serve you, to protect you and in my own way say I love you."

With enemies and unlikable allies, Professor Rayna Lashley may go for open honesty over diplomacy.

"Why yes dear, we can afford to be the galaxy's policeman. All the galaxies across the multiverse."

In the end it is about taking care of each other, from one life to billions.


I hope to get back to surfing the watch list and seeing so many of the great works I have missed due to being away. I can't really say I'm back now truth be told. This entry is part of that limited time at the keyboard. So if you see a few reviews of others work and you don't see one on yours yet, its because I ran out of steam, its not because I'm ignoring you or think your work just isn't worth commenting on any more. All of you have inspired me so much. I look forward to getting better and seeing where your muses have taken your creative spirits. Best to you all!


Jeffery Watkins
United States


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