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First Steps Cover by JovianJ

Finally! The book is available on's kindle now:

I can only hope it does well. A lot of what I have wanted to see in sci-fi went into it. This includes having women of color as the main protagonist. Not just one placed into a story, like Uhura of Star Trek, Elizabeth of the Tomorrow People, Zoe of Firefly or Martha of Dr Who, but populating the main cast. I also include, Native American and First Nation women as well as women of the Middle East and women of Asia (Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese). They and their AI go off into the multiverse to have their adventures, which I hope I get to write more of. 

DJ, if you're reading this, I list you in the dedication. Reading your journal helped me to stick with my vision instead of what everyone else was doing. Thank you!

Book Summary

In an alternate timeline, where the Apollo program didn't stop at 17, but 23. Where by its 21st century some of humanity lives up in space, and by its 22nd century humanity has spread across the solar system.

Near the turn of the 23rd century, a Faster-than-Light method of travel was discovered that also lead to travel to other universes, parallel universes, including those where the supernatural and magic are the rule.

The exploration of the multiverse in the solar system began.

Multiple Earths, multiple Mars, multiple Jupiters, and nearby stars are explored. Now in the year 2220 an ambitious civilian expedition is about to launch, their goal the very edge of the observable universe.

Professor of Astronomy Rayna Delesha Lashley was known for her guest spots on a children show about space for generations. However she liked the quiet life studying the stars and enjoy time with her family.

When she came to the launching of an expedition organized by some of her former students, she found herself drafted to head up that very mission.  A mission equipped for more than exploration and discovery.

Mansa is the AI of the craft that is to ferry this expedition of forty thousand, a superintelligence, who in response to Fermi's paradox, has made possible advance technologies that are miraculous to humanity.

Technologies to make planets, snuff out stars, fight fleets in space or armies on the ground. Technologies he will use to serve and protect this expedition that is also history's first matriarchy.

Together they encounter aliens, alternate histories and adversaries in many parallel universes, where Rayna and Mansa find they have become a rallying point for a conflict across the multiverse.

They will become the hope for the destiny of the multiverse.


Jeffery Watkins
United States


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Thank you for your insights ,and, your comments. Nice to read some positive stuff ,and, suggestions to improve my work. :thumbsup: :popcorn:
Thanks a lot for all of the great compliments... It's nice to hear such detailed feedback from someone who recognizes specific details in my work. I try and polish those fine details and tweek them til they come out right. More to come...
Thanks for watching, and your kind comments on my humble offerings.
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Hope you had a wonderful birthday Day!
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Thanks so much for the Added to my devWatch!, hope I can live up to your expectations!! I salute you!
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